From Emotions to Advocacy: a Survival Guide to Special Education

by Peter and Pam Wright click here to purchase this book

Peter Wright is a nationally known education rights attorney. He has dyslexia. He was lucky. His dyslexia was picked up early, and he got the right type of tutoring in 3rd and 4th grade. He knows how important it is to get the right type of instruction to children as early as possible.

His book teaches parents how the special education system works, what your rights are, what to do if you disagree with the school, sample letters, how to create an effective paper trail, etc. Mostly, it teaches a parent to be a good advocate -- how to work the public school system to get what their child needs.

A FAQ chart of common problems with special education services in public school and advice on how to solve them.

Videos and Webinars

For parents who want the school to pay for an Independent Educational Evaluation

A one-hour webinar that lists 14 well-worded IEP goals for students with dyslexia.

A free 90-minute webinar that explains the basics of I.D.E.A. and a parent's legal right