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Wrights Law Another index to Special Education Advocacy Advice

Excellent advice How to handle Special Education/IDEA disputes.

What works? How will I get the services my child needs?

This website has many excellent videos, plus access to their blogs and their social network. You must become a member to access it, but membership is free.

Wake up folks! You are Being Sold a Line of Goods about Dyslexia a great article about the importance of advocating for your child and not focusing along on legislative change. Contains the link to the benchmark case of Shannon Carter.

Videos and Webinars

A great series of videos which will help parents advocate more effectively if your child already has an IEP, or you desire to have an IEP. This is an example video demonstrating a parent who wants the school to pay for an independent educational evaluation

Becoming a Parent Advocate - a one hour webinar presented by Kim Hilliard, founder of Education Champion.

Organizations who list attorneys and/or advocates

COPPA: Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates

The Education-A-Must website lists special needs advocates and attorneys